I woke up today and I realized a few things. Here's how I said it to my friend: " I can be miserable because they want me to/make me, or I can just ignore them and try to be happy because I don't want to be miserable anymore"

I've decided to live my life by some guidelines.
The first will be "It's not what you take with you when you go, it's what you leave behind.".
Meaning; I wasn't rich when I was born, I wasn't poor when I was born: I simply was. So, in short I don't really give a crap about making a lot of money; I just want to live, and be happy :D

The second will be; "In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities." self explanatory.
But, it means; I'm going to throw caution to the wind, and not care if it offends people that I love someone for who not what they are. And I'm going to write my book *determined face*.

... so yeah. I'm just going to be me, and enjoy being me.
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